The Lost Boats

Albacore (SS-218)
Presumed sunk by enemy mine, NE of Honshu and south of Hokaido.
All hands lost.
Amberjack (SS-219)
Probably sunk by Japanese torpedo boat and subchaser off Rabaul in the Buka-Shortland Sea.
All hands lost.
Argonaut (SS-166)
Sunk by Japanese destroyer between Lai and Rabaul.
All hands lost.
Barbel (SS-316)
Sunk by Japanese Aircraft in the southern entrance to Palawan Passage.
All hands lost.
Bonefish (SS-223)
Sunk by Japanese ASW attack.
All hands lost.
Bullhead (SS-332)
Sunk by Japanese aircraft off the Bali Coast.
All hands lost.
Capelin (SS-289)
Sunk, cause unknown, in the Celebes or Molluka Sea.
All hands lost.
Cisco (SS-290)
Sunk by unconfirmed ASW attack and bombing in the Sulu Sea.
All hands lost.
Corvina (SS-226)
Sunk by a Japanese submarine near North Admiralty Islands.
All hands lost.
Darter (SS-227)
Ran aground on Bombay Shoals and was destroyed to prevent her from falling into enemy hands.
No loss of life.
Dorado (SS-248)
Presumed sunk in the Southwest Atlantic enroute to Panama.
All hands lost.
Escolar (SS-294)
Presumbed sunk by enemy mine in the Yellow Sea.
All hands lost.
Flier (SS-250)
Sunk by an enemy mine while transiting Balabac Straight.
78 men lost. 8 survivors.
Golet (SS-361)
Sunk by anti-submarine attack off the northern tip of Honshu.
All hands lost.
Grampus (SS-207)
Probably sunk by Japanese Destroyers in the Balabac Straight.
All hands lost.
Grayback (SS-208)
Sunk by Japanese aircraft near the Ryukyu’s.
All hands lost.
Grayling (SS-209)
Sunk, cause unknown, along the approach to Manila, Philippines.
All hands lost.
Grenadier (SS-210)
Damaged by Japanese aircraft and scuttled in the Straits of Malacca, near Penang, Malaya.
4 men died in prisoner of war camp.
Growler (SS-215)
Sunk, cause unknown, in the South China Sea.
All hands lost.
Grunion (SS-216)
Sunk, cause unknown, off Kiska Island in the Aleutians.
All hands lost.
Gudgeon (SS-211)
Sunk by enemy depth charging and/or bombing off Formosa.
All hands lost.
Harder (SS-257)
Sunk by depth charging off the West Coast of Luzon.
All hands lost.
Herring (SS-233)
Sunk by Japanese shore battery off Matsuwa Island.
All hands lost.
Kete (SS-369)
Probably sunk by Japanese submarine off the coast of Nansei Shoto.
All hands lost.
Lagarto (SS-371)
Sunk by Japanese minlayer Hatsutake in the Gulf of Siam.
All hands lost.
Perch (SS-176)
Scuttled, after heavy depth charging, between Java and Borneo.
6 men died in prisoner of war camp.
Pickerel (SS-177)
Sunk by unconfirmed enemy action in the central Pacific.
All hands lost.
Pompano (SS-181)
Sunk probably by a mine, off the East Coast of Honshu.
All hands lost.
R-12 (SS-89)
42 men lost.
Robalo (SS-273)
Probably sunk by enemy mine off the West Coast of Palawan.
All hands lost.
Runner (SS-275)
Sunk, cause unknown, off the northern tip of Honshu.
All hands lost.
S-26 (SS-131)
Sunk by collision with US escort vessel PC-460 in the Gulf of Panama.
46 men lost.
S-27 (SS-132)
Grounded on Amchitka Island and destroyed.
No loss of life.
S-28 (SS-133)
All hands lost.
S-36 (SS-141)
Destroyed after running aground in Makkasar Straight.
No loss of life.
S-39 (SS-144)
Destroyed after grounding on a reef south off Rossel Island.
No loss of life.
S-44 (SS-155)
Sunk by Japanese destroyers in the Kuriles.
54 men lost, 2 survivors.
Scamp (SS-277)
Sunk by patrol planes and coast defense vessel in the area of Tokyo Bay.
All hands lost.
Scorpion (SS-278)
Sunk by a mine off the coast of China in the Yellow sea.
All hands lost.
Sculpin (SS-191)
Sunk by Japanese destroyer off Truk in the Carolines.
63 men lost. 21 survived POW camp.
Sealion (SS-195)
Damaged by Japanese aircraft at Cavite Navy Yard and then destroyed to prevent her from falling into enemy hands.
4 men lost.
Seawolf (SS-197)
Probably sunk during an ASW attack off Morotai Island.
All hands lost, including 17 army personnel.
Shark (SS-174)
Sunk by Japanese warships off the Celebes Islands.
All Hands Lost.
Shark (SS-314)
The second U.S. submarine to bear that name, lost to unknown causes near Luzon Straight.
All hands lost.
Snook (SS-279)
Sunk, cause unknown, near Sakashima Shoto.
All hands lost.
Swordfish (SS-193)
Sunk by depth charges or mine off the coast of Okinawa.
All hands lost.
Tang (SS-306)
Sunk by a circular run torpedo in the Sashi Channel off Formosa.
78 men lost. 9 survived POW camp.
Trigger (SS-237)
Sunk by Japanese aircraft or warships in East China Sea.
All hands lost.
Triton (SS-201)
Sunk by Japanese destroyers in the Solomon Bismark area.
All hands lost.
Trout (SS-202)
Sunk by Japanese warships off the Southeast Coast of Formosa.
All hands lost.
Tullibee (SS-284)
Torpedoed and sunk by a circular run north of Palau.
76 men lost. One survivor.
Wahoo (SS-238)
Sunk by Japanese warships and aircraft in LaPerouse Straits.
All hands lost.